Website Wizardry

If you haven’t seen the article yet, check out page 26 of the just-out June issue. You’ll see a thumbnail of one of our newer websites—the one we built for Solano Eye Care. You’ll also read some great points about why a well-designed website is a must, and some advice on essential features that should be included. Some of the advice just happens to be from Rod Yost, our EyeMotion president.

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National Doughnut Day
You might not have know it, but today is a pretty sweet holiday--NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY!  Being in the eyecare industry, this holiday has symbolic significance for us--after all, what other delicious treat can be so easily transformed into a pair of yummy glasses?  So join in the celebration, and make a spectacle of yourself by making spectacles for yourself.

We'd love to see your new look!  Why not snap a picture and share with us on Facebook?

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Announcing SCENIC—Our Newest Design

Just like you might keep an eye on frame styles and office décor fashions, we here at EyeMotion like to stay current with the latest website trends.

That’s why we decided it was time to develop a new Advanced design, and why we are excited to premiere SCENIC, our latest look. We gave Scenic its name because of the way the nearly full-screen image pops at the top of the site. This area features either a static image or a slideshow incorporating multiple images.

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