Essence Advanced Theme Announcement

Meet Essence—A Modern, Airy Look That Welcome Patients

If you get the feeling all websites are starting to look the same, especially in the optometric industry, and you're looking for something a bit more clean and modern to help set the tone of your office for patients, our latest Essence theme could be just right for you.

Essence feels airy and welcoming. It takes advantage of all of the wonderful usable space on larger screens, while also providing a very pleasant patient experience on smaller, mobile screens. In addition, we've utilized some of the highest-rated, professionally-paired Google fonts for the headers and body to provide a bit more of a custom feel.

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Stereo Advanced Theme Announcement

What’s New, Stylish & Covered with Glasses? It’s STEREO, EyeMotion’s New Advanced Design

Stereo ThemeJust like you enjoy bringing in and showcasing trendy new frame styles and office décor, we here at EyeMotion like to create fresh website looks that stand out from the crowd. That’s why we decided it was time to develop a new Advanced design, and why we are excited to premiere STEREO, our latest look.

What sets this design apart? We’re glad you asked!

While there are no moustaches or plaid flannel shirts in sight, our STEREO design has a touch of retro, hipster vibe going on. You’ve no doubt noticed eyeglasses are everywhere in design these days—fabrics, purses, wall art, etc.—and we decided to get in on the action. We layered a fun glasses background panel on top of pinstripes to create a subtle parallax motion caused by these background images moving at different speeds. You can see it in action here.

Like all our designs, STEREO is fully responsive, which means it will look great whether your patients are viewing it on laptops, tablets, or smart phones. We will customize the layout just for you, based on the features you need on the home page and what priorities those features should have. It also comes in 6 eye-catching color palettes. Love the design, but need it to match your logo and office interior? No problem—we can customize the color for a small fee.

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Announcing VISION—Our Newest Design

Just like you might keep an eye on frame styles and office décor fashions, we here at EyeMotion like to stay current with the latest website trends.

That’s why we decided it was time to develop a new Advanced design, and why we are excited to premiere VISION, our latest look. We gave Vision its name because of its 100% full-width design and bold color accents. Video slideshows and background video elements also make an entrance in this new look!*

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