About us

Our primary objective is to help you create a dynamic website that allows you to enhance the doctor-patient relationship and improve profitability. We know what's important for the health of your business and we apply that knowledge towards developing a successful web presence for your practice.

Increased Patient Retention

Providing the convenience of online communications is another way to market to your patients while enhancing the practice-patient relationship for improved retention. An Eyemotion website allows promotion of marketing events, vision plans, and even newsletters. Service and product information educates and entices patients to purchase more products. Using your website to enhance marketing "speeds-up" delivery time, eliminates expensive printing costs, and increases your market exposure.

Improves Profitability

Quite simply...having an updated, polished website attracts new patients, while complementing a site with convenenient vision health resources and interactive, engaging features encourages patient loyalty and referrals. A well-planned website can also increase staff efficiency. For example, administrative tasks such as scheduling, ordering, office forms, recalls, and confirmations can all be automated through online tools, allowing your staff to stay focused on other activities that increase production and profitability.

Professional Benefits

A common misperception is that a website is just an electronic yellow page ad or brochure. Internet accessibility improves profitability, enhances patient retention and education, allowing you to stay the best in a very competitive environment!

Enhanced Patient Education

The better educated your patients are, the more likely they will come in on a timely basis and purchase products and services to meet their eye health needs. Your patients can access a variety of information including:

  • Insertion/removal demonstration for first-time contact lens wearers
  • Special section for presbyopes
  • Section devoted to children—with information for their parents
  • Disease management
  • The range of products and services provided