EyeMotion Video Learning Center

Welcome to the EyeMotion™ video learning center! Please call our office at (866) 595-1476 if you would like to incorporate these videos into your website.

Doctors around the country have long discovered the power of adding patient education tools to their web sites. They have learned that when patients consider your web site a valuable resource, it adds value to your services as an eye care professional. For maximum effectiveness, your website needs to deliver patient education materials in an appealing, informational and easy-to-use fashion.

Designed Specifically for You!

Our EyeMotion™ Education Center has been designed for Eye Care Professionals like you! It is dynamic, affordable and fully customizable. Now, you have the power to choose your own animations to display on your web site. The EyeMotion™ Education Center has also been designed to blend in seamlessly to your website design. The animation package includes our entire library of animations currently offered by EyeMotion™ covering a wide variety of educational topics. In addition, the EyeMotion™ Education Center is frequently updated and any additional animations that are developed will be added to your Education Center automatically, free of charge.