Optical Animations

Doctors across the country have discovered the power of adding patient education tools to their websites.  They have learned that when patients consider your web site a valuable resource, it adds value to your services as an eye care professional. EyeMotion's library of beautifully-detailed, doctor-reviewed animations can be a valuable educational asset.

Our animations cover a wide array of topics such as contacts handling, cataracts, and corneal molding.   You just might want to take a few minutes to watch some of our topics below.

We provide a variety of ways to use our animations.  On your website, you can feature our full player on an eye education page and have a single-topic mini-player on your home page. The animations on your website will play on desktops, tablets and smartphones—allowing your patients to view them from the comfort of home or enabling you to show a glaucoma video to a patient on a tablet during an exam.

Through our Eye-IQ product, you can also play our animations—as well as video from other sources--on TV monitors in your lobby, exam lanes, and optical department.  Having a video on anti-reflective coatings playing in the background while a patient selects eyewear can educate him on why it might be worth paying a little more for the upgrade.

Interested? Give us a call or send us an email to discuss what features might be perfect for you.